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Tomb of Aldobrandini


The Aldobrandini family are an extremely evil and creepy bloodline and they oversee the Cult of Hades which is a murderous and cannibalistic cult of pedophiles. The Aldobrandinis are involved with the Vatican and banking and are currently married with the French Rothschild family. They are also married with the Antinori family of Florence and have inherited a villa in Florence and ducal titles in Apulia. Marchese Piero Antinori is the current head of this family.

The Aldobrandini family produced one pope and several cardinals for the Roman Catholic Church. The name Aldobrandini derives from the Arabic word Aldebaran which means the “follower.” The Aldobrandini clan came into Europe during the Moorish invasion and have an Arabic, Saracen, and Basque ancestry. Today the Aldobrandinis have an alliance with Sunni Muslims. The royal family of Saudi Arabia have a close relationship with the Vatican and a covert alliance with the Aldobrandinis.

Ignatius Loyola who was a co-founder of the Jesuits and its first Superior General was of Basque descent and likely related with this family. They follow after the Massimo family and have intermarried with the Massimo-Lancellotti branch. The Massimo’s Vatican came first and the Jesuits followed after just as Aldebaran means the follower. The Black Nobility uses its Jesuit universities to recruit Roman spies and agents and the Aldobrandini family have a portion of authority over the Society of Jesus with their Jesuit-Hades cult branch located at Loyola of New Orleans with Tania Tetlow as president of the college. Pope Clement VIII Ippilito Aldobrandini issued the Congregatio de Auxiliis as a peace agreement between the Jesuits and Dominicans. Ranuccio I Farnese married Margherita Aldobrandini and it was the Farnese family that officially authorized the Jesuits. The current head of the Aldobrandinis is Prince Camillo Aldobrandini and his son is Prince Clemente Aldobrandini. Clemente means mercy or gentle. They use gentleness as a cover similar to the way some pedophiles target children.

The New Age shill Paul Romano is a member of the Cult of Hades and he tries to use gentleness as a defense and cover. Paul Romano is managed by Prince Clemente Aldobrandini and David Meyer de Rothschild the cousin of Prince Clemente’s cousin Alexandre de Rothschild. The real head of the Aldobrandini family is Prince Camillo’s unnamed brother who is the Duke of Brindisi in Apulia and he resides at the Palazzo Antinori in Florence. Sylvester Stallone’s family is from Apulia and he can be seen shaking hands with David Meyer de Rothschild. The Stallone’s are members of the Apulian Mafia and Sylvester Stallone is a pedophile. The Vatican has also covertly made Sylvester Stallone the ceremonial leader of the Order of Saint Sylvester.

The Aldobrandinis are part owners of the Apulian Mafia also called the Sacra Corona Unita which have an operation in New Jersey. The Savoy-Aostas which are the Dukes of Apulia are also part owners of the Apulian Mafia. New Jersey is a mafia headquarters for human trafficking. They have deeply infiltrated the New York and New Jersey Port Authority. The Aldobrandinis have a portion of ownership over the DeCavalcante crime family of New Jersey with Simone Rizzo DeCavalcante Jr who resides in Florida. The DeCavalcantes are involved in all forms of organized crime including waste management with one of its founders was nicknamed Sam the Plumber. The mafia disposes of bodies and body parts in landfills and sewage plants. The extremely depraved rapper RZA took his name for Simone Rizzo DeCavalcante and he is an agent of the DeCavalcantes and Aldobrandinis. RZA lives in New Jersey and is a boss of the AVLN and Five Percenter Islamic supremacist group and he provides a defense for the human trafficking ring in New Jersey. Caval means a cave. Hades means the underworld and deep underground caverns. Jesuits are involved in sacrificing people including children and they often do this in caverns.

Cinzio Aldobrandini was a Roman Catholic Cardinal and there is the Reaper of Death statue with a sickle at his tomb at San Pietro in Vincoli along with the Aldobrandini coat of arms and this displays their sinister nature. They still own their old villa in Frascati which looks really creepy. Around their villa they have creepy statues of Poseidon, Pan, and Atlas.

Members of the Cult of Hades include the child murdering pedophile actor Johnny Depp who was in the movie the Ninth Gate which refers to Pluto or Hades the ninth planet. Roman Polanski produced the movie the Ninth Gate and he is a convicted pedophile. Johnny Depp publicly supported the West Memphis Three which was three older teens that murdered three young boys and Johnny Depp has been a major supporter of these murderers. Johnny Depp is also close friends with Marilyn Manson who is a priest of the Church of Satan and follower of Aleister Crowley. Johnny Depp has done dozens of kids and family movies and is friends with Satanic priests and supports three convicted child murderers.

A gang stalker named Paul Lallier works under the Aldobrandinis and he is a insane lying, heroin addict, and pedophile that murdered his mother to prove his loyalty as a gang stalker for their agenda. Paul Lallier is a major pedophile that molested several children and young boys at his condominium complex. His father Armand Lallier is a career criminal that claims to have murdered two Mexicans in Arizona with a 357 magnum and buried them in the desert.

The wrestler Roman Reigns takes his name from Rome and he is a ruthless and murderous agent of the Aldobrandinis. Roman Reigns or Joe Anoaʻi is a cannibalistic monster. The Aldobrandinis have married with the Italian Banchieri family which are an old Italian banking family and their name means bankers. It is possible the Rothschilds have a relation to the Banchieris. Princess Olimpia Aldobrandini is married to Baron David Rene de Rothschild who is the head of the French Rothschild family and their son Alexandre de Rothschild is currently the head of N M Rothschild & Sons today and he is an Aldobrandini.

In Judaism the Jewish lineage is passed down from the mother so it should be a Roman Catholic Rothschild-Aldobrandini that inherits the Rothschild bank or a portion of its ownership. Prince Camillo Aldobrandini is friends with Antonio Purini and Purini can be seen associating with Cornelius Brandi the Executive Chairman of CMS and Senior Partner of CMS Germany which is a international law firm headquartered in Switzerland that assists in tax evasion. Brandi like Aldo-brandini. The Rothschilds have also married with the Brandolini d’Adda family of Venice. Brando-lini like Aldo-brandini. The Aldobrandini also merged a family branch with the Borghese banking family of Rome under Prince Paolo Borghese and this branch intermarried with the House of Bonaparte. The French House of Bonaparte still covertly govern France and are loyal to the Black Nobility of Rome and Italian royals.

Prince Camillo Borghese or Pope Paul V created the Bank of the Holy Spirit in 1605 and the bank eventually merged into UniCredit. The Borghese and Aldobrandini families have an alliance and they have married with the royal family of France and the top bankers of the France the Rothschilds. The Aldobrandini crime family are involved with pedophilia, satanic ritual abuse, human sacrifice, cannibalism, human flesh trafficking, human trafficking, murder, conspiring against foreign governments, and terrorism. Members of this wicked family include Prince Camillo Aldobrandini, Prince Clemente Aldobrandini, Princess Olimpia Aldobrandini-Rothschild, and Camillo’s unnamed brother the Duke of Brindisi.
Maria Antinori, Duchessa di Brindisi
Wife of Giuseppe, principe Aldobrandini
Mother of Clemente Aldobrandini, principe Aldobrandini and Ferdinando Aldobrandini, Duca di Brandisi Piero Antinori is the current head of this family Antinori di Brindisi is located in via dei Serragli 9 in Florence.
When the family branch became extinct, the palace was inherited by the Aldobrandini family, whose descendants still live in the historic residence. (Italian: [ˈbrindizi] (listen); Brindisino: Brìnnisi; Latin: Brundisium; Ancient Greek: Βρεντέσιον, translit. Brentésion; Messapic: Brunda) is a city in the region of Apulia in southern Italy Corona Unita (SCU, Italian for “United Sacred Crown”) is a Mafia-type criminal organization from the Apulia region in Southern Italy, and is especially active in the areas of Brindisi, Lecce and Taranto. David Rene de Rothschild with his wife Princess Olimpia Aldobrandini & Co announces the appointment of Alexandre de Rothschild
Francesco “Frank” Stallone Sr. (September 12, 1919 – July 11, 2011) was an Italian-American hairdresser, polo enthusiast, writer, and one-time actor.

Stallone was the father of actor Sylvester Stallone and actor/singer Frank Stallone.
Born Francesco Stallone September 12, 1919 Gioia del Colle, Apulia, Kingdom of Italy Stallone shaking hands with David Meyer de Rothschild Prince Camillo Aldobrandini with Antonio Purini.

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